Now that the North Korean missile launch is “over,” most would assume there is no cause for concern.  That assumption is incorrect, because Kim Jung-Un has already declared there will be more missiles launched.  Rice, the U.S. National Security Advisor has already stated that the Koreans did indeed launch using an ICBM.  The very first thing we can do is present an excellent site that tracks satellites, their trajectories, orbits, and other useful data.

The site can be found here:  Be advised, that last number at the end of the site stands for the “Kwangmyong-3 satellite,” and by looking for this satellite (in orbit, as can be seen) I found the site. This newest launch of 2/7/16 can be found by searching  Take note the 5-digit number on the end of the website address is the NORAD identification number for the satellite; in this case, the satellite is KMS-4.

As you will find, the satellite travels at a speed of 4.73 miles per second, with an altitude of 508 km/315 miles above the earth.  The satellite period (the time it takes for a complete orbit) is 95 minutes. Regarding the actual launch itself, the UN has convened an emergency UN Security Council meeting to discuss this event.  One of the most significant items was reported by the Washington Post on launch day: FULL REPORT