Glenn Beck, the conservative pundit and radio host who’s emerged as one of Donald Trump’s loudest detractors in recent days, said in a series of tweets the billionaire was a “psychopath” and completely unfit to lead the country, He made the remarks in context of discussing the most recent Republican debate. And first up: criticism of how Trump handled the announcement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice’ Antonin Scalia’s death. “C[BS] opens with a moment of silence for justice Scalia,” Beck said on Twitter. “Donald is the only one with his head up and looking around. Respect.”

He also tweeted, Breitbart found: “Trump gets boo’d on attack on Jeb [Bush]. Is this what America is looking for in a president? A boorish narcissist bully? #GOPdebate.” Beck’s tweets then turned even harsher. “If America doesn’t see what an unhinged bully Donald Trump is after tonight’s debate, there is no decency left,” he wrote. “Now he mocks Barbara Bush.” READ MORE