Glenn Beck says he left Fox News because he was told to stop telling people about God, according to a speech he made during a Ted Cruz rally. “I was told, ‘Stop telling people to pray.’ I was told not to tell people to pray on their knees because there’s a lot of people in the audience whose knees hurt and I make them feel bad,” Beck said, according to NewsMax.

“I was told, ‘Stop praying because that takes God’s focus off the important things like war,'” he continued. “I was just like, ‘Uh huh. Wow. I thought I was gonna get this speech at CNN.'” Beck’s Fox program ended in 2011. At the time, Beck said he departed because he wanted more from his show. The show, he said, was really a movement “that belongs in your home. It belongs in your neighborhoods. Not really television,” he said when his show ended. Beck now says the Lord told him to break his nearly five-year silence and tell the media what really happened. READ MORE