There’s no love lost between radio host Glenn Beck and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, so there’s no way their crossing paths Tuesday evening during the Nevada caucus voting was ever going to turn out good. But “brownshirts”? Widely reported as Trump “crashing” an event where Beck was speaking, the truth was that Trump was visiting a number of caucus sites seeking support. When he arrived at Palo Verde High School in Summerlin, Beck happened to be speaking at the podium in support of Ted Cruz. According to eyewitnesses, Beck had the attention of only a small portion of the large crowd assembled to cast their ballots.

When Trump entered the room, the crowds flocked to where he was to listen to his improptu speech. “We are going to have hopefully a historic night,” Trump said. “I appreciate everybody being here. I wanted to be here myself and say a few words.” Beck was left without his audience, but not without an ax to grind. READ MORE