A Colorado college has decided to kill a fundraising program that sold personalized name plates for athletic facility lockers rather than allow one to feature the Bible reference Colossians 3:23, because if people looked it up, they would find the verse includes the word “Lord.” The Alliance Defending Freedom on Friday filed a notice dismissing its lawsuit against Colorado Mines, explaining the school had “removed all donor nameplates from its football locker room rather than allow a former football player to include a Bible reference.”

Last year, the dispute erupted when the college promoted the program without any restrictions on the messages donors were allowed to inscribe. Donors to a new Clear Creek Athletics Complex were allowed to dictate an inscription for a personalized nameplate that would be placed in the new football locker room. Michael Lucas, who played defensive nose tackle for the school and graduated in 2003, made a $2,500 donation and requested “Colossians 3:23 and Micah 5:9.” FULL REPORT