The Rev. Franklin Graham implored Christians to vote based on their biblical values in South Carolina on Tuesday, warning that they may “lose this country” if they don’t participate in the 2016 election. Graham, head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, made his comments while on his latest stop in Columbia, South Carolina, as part of his Decision America Tour. The evangelical leader told the crowd of over 7,000 that although he is not endorsing any one political candidate, Christians must remember their biblical values when voting in the upcoming election, warning that if believers don’t get involved in politics, “we’re going to lose this country.”

“America is being stripped of biblical heritage,” Graham said while speaking at the State House in Columbia this week, adding that he encourages American Christians to “vote for candidates who stand for biblical truth and biblical principles, and are willing to live them.” “I want to get to as many Christians as I can to vote in the next election,” the evangelical leader continued. “Our country is going in the wrong direction. And I think some of the politicians that are running have tapped into the anger and the frustration in this country. And I want Christians to know that their vote does count and we’ve taken God out of government, schools and everything else and we need to get God back into it.” READ MORE