Renowned Christian leader Franklin Graham, chief of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, on Tuesday blasted the city council in Charlotte, N.C., where the BGEA has its headquarters, for adopting a new ordinance that “would allow people to use the bathroom of their choice.”   “It’s not over though,” he reported on his Facebook page. “North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has been clear that this is a bad policy and said if the city passed it, immediate legislative action would likely be taken by the state.”

Graham wrote, “I hope they will take swift action to strike down this dangerous ordinance or bring it to a referendum for voters to decide. If this were put to a vote in Charlotte, I’m sure it would be overwhelmingly defeated by Democrats and Republicans alike.” The local Observer newspaper reported that McCrory’s warning had come just before the vote, where he told two members of the city council their approval of the plan would “most likely cause immediate state legislative intervention.” READ MORE