(Jennifer Leclaire) Intercession broke out. Travail ensued. Groanings too deep for utterance seemed to echo throughout the church—and then the spirit of the fear of the Lord fell on the entire congregation (Is. 11:2). Everybody froze. The intercession stopped. The travail stopped. The groanings stopped. The church was silent. The spirit of the fear of the Lord permeated the atmosphere. There was an awe among us, a reverence for God. It was a holy moment. You could hear the proverbial pin drop. In that moment, the Holy Spirit spoke something that shook me.

He told me, “False revivalists would rise up in this hour.” These false revivalists don’t truly have a heart for revival or awakening or transformation. Rather, they are motivated by the potential profits in the latest church trend. Much like we saw false prophets arise amid a true prophetic reformation, and false apostles rise amid a true apostolic reformation, false revivalists are rising even as sincere believers are making an urgent appeal to heaven in desperation for a Third Great Awakening. READ MORE