(Michael Brown) Donald Trump has challenged the Christianity of Ted Cruz while also raising questions about the nature of Ben Carson’s faith. In the past, he also suggested that President Obama might be a Muslim rather than a Christian. Now, the pope has questioned the Christianity of Trump. It appears that what goes around, comes around. Trump’s immediate response was to call Pope Francis’s comments “disgraceful” and to state that, “No leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith.”

So, Trump can question the faith of others but the Pope cannot question his? In defense of Trump, Jerry Falwell, Jr., has stated that, “I have no doubts that he is a man of faith, that he’s a Christian.” Welcome to the 2016 version of the presidential race, representing reality TV at its most unscripted and bizarre. Two serious questions, though, are begging to be asked. First, according to the Bible, do we have the right to judge someone’s profession of faith, let alone the mandate to? Second, if we are called to judge, what are the criteria? READ MORE