After receiving complaints from parents about an email their children received for a “Bring Your Bible to School Day” event, one California district is instituting a ban on all religious-related announcements. Folsom Cordova Unified School District’s board last week unanimously approved changes to its email announcement policy in response to students and parents who questioned why a school would be sending notices about religious events, or even atheist events, such as a flyer many received about the atheist “Freethought Day.”

Daniel Thigpen, spokesperson for Folsom Cordova, told The Christian Post that while the new policy “was not a decision to deter Bible-based or atheism-based messages through our e-flyer system,” he acknowledged the new policy would prevent Bring Your Bible to School Day and Freethought Day flyers from being approved.

“If today’s new policies applied when last year’s flyers (Bring your Bible and Freethought Day) were submitted, it is unlikely those flyers would have met the criteria for distribution because those specific flyers were not from community partners advertising resources or programs directly related to educational instruction or enrichment, or connected to our schools in any other ways, as called out in our new Board policies,” he added. READ MORE