The possibilities have circulated concerning President Barack Obama since the day he stepped into office. For many, Obama’s qualifications are without question, even more so after the recent news that he is seeking the head position at the United Nations after he leaves office. Steve Magill, author of the book Revelation and the Age of Antichrist made this observation concerning the qualifications of the Antichrist: “The abundance of speculation about whether a specific person could even be considered must also fall in line with qualifications outlined in Daniel 11.”

This chapter is clear that the king of the North and the king of the South are in continual conflict with each other. Commentators have no problem agreeing with the historical interpretation of these two kings as the kings of Syria and Egypt in verses 5-27; and when we get to verses 28-45, there also is agreement that the Antichrist is referred to. However, for some reason many commentators interpret these verses as a future Antichrist who comes out of Europe or some other place, completely ignoring the context of the chapter. FULL REPORT