Ben Carson implied that presidential rival Sen. Ted Cruz was a false prophet at a Wednesday press conference, though he carefully tried to argue he wasn’t directly targeting him. Carson called a news conference at the National Press Club to address, “deceptive Iowa Caucus tactics” a clear reference to the fact that the Cruz campaign passed along news reports suggesting that Carson was taking a break from the campaign ahead of the voting, and urging voters to go with Cruz instead.

The matter has become central to war of words between Donald Trump and Cruz, with Trump using the Carson story as the basis for charging that Cruz “stole” the Iowa caucuses, which Cruz dismissed as a “Trumpertantrum.” Cruz apologized to Carson, but Carson was not entirely satisfied. “Sen. Cruz told me that he was not aware of that when I talked to him and that he did not agree with that kind of thing,” he said. “And we’ll wait and see what he does to demonstrate that. He could very well have not known about it. But it was obvious there were people in his organization who not only knew about it, but who carried it out. Who executed it.” FULL REPORT