T.L. Lowery, who spent more than 70 years in Pentecostal ministry, passed away Sunday at the age of 87. Lowery accepted Christ on New Year’s Day at 13 in 1943. By 1954, however, he had pastored four congregations, married his sweetheart, Mildred, and saw the birth of his son, Stephen. While in Galax, Virginia, Lowery made the decision to move into full-time evangelism. For the next 15 years, he traveled throughout the country and the world, conducting crusades in over 115 countries and every state in the U.S.

According to the T.L. Lowery Global Foundation website, tllowery.org, the name T.L. Lowery “became synonymous with spiritual power, fire-from-heaven sermons and miraculous healings. Summers included week after week of ministry at Church of God camp meetings. Testimonies from thousands whose lives have been forever changed–physically and spiritually–continue to characterize the anointed ministry of T.L. Lowery. In 1958, Lowery moved his family to Cleveland, Tennessee, and used the city as a home base for his worldwide evangelism. READ MORE