President Barack Obama claimed in a wide-ranging interview that he has met most hopes and expectations people had of his presidency, and also singled out Pope Francis’ visit to the White House as a stand-out moment. “I’ve done a lot of them and I’ve made progress on almost all of them,” Obama told “CBS This Morning” about voters’ expectations in an interview that was posted on Tuesday. “I feel pretty good about being able to match up what I said I would accomplish with what has been accomplished.

I mentioned in the State of the Union that one of the things I regret though is that I haven’t been able to drain some of the rancor that exists here in Washington,” he continued. “My hope is that, as I am not on the ballot again, that I can contribute to getting people to step back for a moment and say we’re on the same team here.” As one of the stand out moments of his presidency, Obama singled out Pope Francis’ visit to the White House in September 2015, where he got to share his thoughts and prayers with the Roman Catholic Church leader. “You know, he’s somebody who is the real deal. I think he deeply cares about people, about the most vulnerable,” Obama said. READ MORE