A Christian couple that was ordered to pay $135 in “emotional damages” to two lesbian women for declining to make a cake for their same-sex ceremony, which the couple believed to be a form of participation, will now have their day in court as the case will be argued this year before the Oregon Court of Appeals. As previously reported, last February, a judge with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Instrustries (BOLI) declared the Kleins guilty of discrimination for declining to make a cake for the 2014 event.

The Kleins had served the women, Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman, in other ways, and the women returned because the couple had treated them kindly. “I have customers come in almost on a weekly basis that are homosexual,” Aaron Klein told reporters. “They can buy my stuff. I sell stuff. I talk with them. That’s fine. … This was not the first time we’ve served these girls.” READ MORE