China Aid, a Christian human rights organization based in the U.S., believes that Pastor Gu Yuese of Hangzhou’s Chongyi Church, the largest government-sanctioned church in China, has no chance to escape sentencing by the Communist Party for standing up against the crackdown on churches. “I think the likely scenario to happen is that he will be indicted, and depending on his confession, and how cooperative he is, the length of sentence can be negotiated,” Bob Fu, founder and president of China Aid, told The Christian Post in a phone interview on Thursday.

“All factors combined, I do not see any way that the Communist Party will let Pator Gu leave the prison without a criminal sentence,” Fu added. Gu was taken into custody and placed under “residential surveillance at a designated location” on Jan. 28, but was only formally charged on Feb. 6 on charges of embezzling funds, Fu told CP. READ MORE