(Daniel K. Norris) “Arise and awaken church for the future of your nation rests within your hands!” Those were the words I heard in my spirit as I prayed this morning. At the same time I saw a large, brass balance scale and I heard, “Can you not weigh out truth and judge what is righteous? Let the remnant arise for their voice is needed in this very hour.”

Our nation has entered into a pivotal election year. What takes place now carries consequences greater than most realize. Decisions made this year will tip the scales for decades to come. The stakes are indeed high. The church has the authority to shift the balance but only if the remnant will arise, awaken and raise their voice. Pray for God’s wisdom to discern what is true and the strength to stand with what is righteous!

As I mediated on what I heard in prayer, I saw two flags being waved over the different sides of the scale—one white, the other yellow. There were two sets of believers split beneath each banner. One set was angry and demanded retaliation, the other was on their knees calling upon heaven. READ MORE