(R. Loren Sanford) A lighthouse church is presence-based, not dependent upon the show, the slick presentation or any particular formula or program. Focused on seeking and experiencing the presence of God, worship in a lighthouse church is no “in and out in an hour” affair, but lasts as long as it takes to open people up to the real presence of God. Both leadership and laity value the pursuit of the presence for the honor of the Lord and will not stop until a genuine encounter with God has been achieved.

God is free to move in any way He chooses. Leadership gets out of the way and allows out-of-the-box things to happen that have not been planned for. Historically speaking, unusual, messy, out-of-the-box manifestations and occurrences have punctuated every visitation of the Spirit that has ever impacted this culture.

Wise leaders of lighthouse churches therefore show themselves willing to absorb a degree of messiness. History amply demonstrates that when controlling leadership or a religious spirit suppress manifestations, both the number of salvations and the incidence of miracles diminish. This culture needs and hungers for miracles and the tangible evidence of power. In days to come, words alone will not do. READ MORE