(Troy Anderson) In this year’s presidential election, America’s greatest hope is spiritual resurrection. What St. Augustine prayed in the fifth century should be on the lips of 21st-century Christians: “Revive Thy Church, O Lord, beginning with me,” says David Lane, founder of the American Renewal Project, an organization helping energize pastors to mobilize their congregations to “register and vote their faith.”

“We are asking 100,000 American Renewal Project senior pastors to hold weekly prayer services asking God for mercy for what we have allowed to a once-Christian nation,” Lane says. “As we begin to re-establish prayer in America, Christ’s disciples can expect an increase in wickedness as we prepare to return our nation to a biblically based culture. Men and women of faith must pick up the shield of faith, for nothing else can quench Satan’s fiery darts.”

At a time when several caucuses and primaries—including the all-important Iowa Caucus—are beginning, faith leaders are calling on believers to pray and vote. Of the nation’s 80 million self-identified evangelicals, only half are registered to vote, and only half of those actually voted in the last presidential election. If 4 percent more had voted differently in 2012, the nation would have a different president today. CONTINUE