Even with the smallest atomic bombs the effects would be horrifying but the full impact of the biggest ever bomb tested would be almost unimaginable. These shocking maps show the effects on Britain’s biggest cities of the Russian developed weapon of mass destruction. Within a 40 mile radius of such a blast you should expect third degree burns and permanent disfigurement or disability. Inside the 14 miles surrounding the blast site most buildings would collapse and fatalities would be widespread.

If you were trapped within six miles of the explosion it would be virtually impossible for you to survive while from three miles you’ll be in a fireball zone – and dead. Horrifyingly, if a bomb was dropped in the centre of London, it would cause the deadly fireball to reach Brixton and Kentish Town. The heat from such a bomb would reach as far away as Southend and Reading. Such a blast hitting the centre of Manchester would cause devastation as far away as Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield. FULL REPORT