(Michael Snyder) The first trading day of 2016 was full of chaos and panic. It started in Asia, where the Nikkei was down 582 points, Hong Kong was down 587 points, and Chinese markets experienced an emergency shutdown after the CSI 300 tumbled 7 percent. When European markets opened, the nightmare continued.

The DAX was down 459 points, and European stocks overall had their worst start to a year ever. In the U.S., it looked as though we were on course for a truly historic day as well. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 467 points at one stage, but some very mysterious, late-day buying activity helped trim the loss to just 276 points at the close of the market.

The sudden market turmoil caught many by surprise, but it shouldn’t have. The truth is that a whole host of leading indicators have been telling us that this is exactly what should be happening. The global financial crisis that began in 2015 is now accelerating, and my regular readers already know precisely what is coming next. FULL REPORT