Christian singer-songwriter and American Idol alum Colton Dixon is making headlines over his comments about saving sex for marriage. Dixon, 24, married his fiancee Annie Coggeshall (27) on Jan. 8, in Nashville, Tennessee, after three years of dating. The two honeymooned at the Polynesian resort in Moorea (an island in French Polynesia). The coupled waited until they tied the knot before becoming intimate.

In an interview with People, Dixon shared why the couple waited until they were married to have sex. “It was not easy!” said Dixon. “But I believe sex was designed for marriage and I knew it would be more meaningful to wait. That was something I grew up thinking and feeling, and I believe the Bible backs it up as well.” Annie added, “It wasn’t because someone was telling me this is what you should do.” “Deep down in my heart it felt like it was the right thing. And we’re really glad we did. We know God’s hand is on our marriage,” she said. FULL REPORT