Following a series of unfortunate shootings across the country – shootings that, for the record, have dramatically increased since President Obama has been in office, for some reason – the Left screams for more and more gun control, including “common sense reforms” that nearly always focus on one style of firearm: so-called “assault weapons.”

Included in the calls to ban an entire class of weapons, have been proposals to tax and limit ammunition sales; to curb the amount of bullets that can legally be in gun magazines; extra regulatory measures like registration; and prohibiting Americans on a government “watchlist” from owning firearms – a constitutional violation of their right to due process.

In addition to these extreme Left-wing measures, the Obama administration has already engaged in targeting licensed firearms dealers across the U.S. with a Justice Department policy that forces banks to treat them like shady business enterprises, thus impeding their access to transaction processing technology and business bank accounts. FULL REPORT