(Jennifer Leclaire) I’ve heard plenty of flaky dreams and visions in my day. In fact, not a week goes by when some friend—or absolute, complete stranger—doesn’t send me an unsolicited message about a prophetic dream, vision or word they have for or about me. Honestly, it’s somewhat bizarre that so many people are dreaming about me. Anyway, some of these dreams are extremely accurate and especially helpful. Others are so far off the mark that you have to wonder what they ate before they went to bed (read: pizza dreams), yet the prophecy is relatively harmless. Still others are clearly inspired by a spirit other than the Holy Spirit.

I have to admit, there are times when I wanted to do more than break a word curse—I wanted to issue a rebuke. Up until now, though, I’ve held my pen and tongue except to teach prophetic protocols. You can read more in my book, The Making of a Prophet. Joseph must have known his brothers didn’t like him, so why he would share this prophetic dream is beyond me. It’s possible he was operating in pride, and he was certainly unfamiliar with prophetic protocol. After all, there was no school of the prophets. Of course, he could have just been excited about the dream and wanted to share. In any case, it wasn’t wisdom to prophesy this to his brothers: FULL REPORT