We’ve all heard the feel good stories of wait staff receiving more than generous tips from their customers. 17-year-old, Garret Wayman from Kansas wasn’t so lucky. Wayman went to collect the tip from his customer’s table when he realized the money was fake. Instead of money, the guest had left Wayman a religious pamphlet disguised to look like money with the recommendation that he seek “faith thru Jesus Christ” and start reading the bible.

Wayman told Tech Insider the following, “I’m 17-years-old, $7,000 in debt because I had to buy myself a car, juggling full-time school, and working seven days a week…getting a $20 tip at the restaurant I work at is very, very rare.” Wayman took to social media with what had happened and the post has since gone viral with over 5,000 retweets and favorites. FULL REPORT