A UN panel on humanitarian assistance has called for a global tax to support UN activities. The proposal will be discussed at the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit at Istanbul this May. “Fewer proposals at the UN are more dangerous than this one,” said Austin Ruse, President of C-Fam. “It must be stopped.” The UN has never had an independent source of income, but has relied on voluntary contributions from Member States from its founding. Donor nations have always had the freedom to withdraw their funding, as the U.S. did for several years over the Oil-for-Food Scandal.

UN agencies and bureaucrats have long coveted a revenue source of their own, without accountability to donor nations. The current proposal, coming under the guise of humanitarian assistance, would provide this uncontrolled revenue stream. “Having to rely on contributions has been at least a small check on UN radicalism,” said Ruse. “If that check disappears, we will see an unchecked source of funding, taken from regular people all over the world, that will be used for abortion on demand and the spread of the homosexual agenda.” FULL REPORT