Billionaire businessman Donald Trump suggested on Saturday that he would have had “less difficulty” if he had proposed barring Christians from entering the US instead of Muslims. Last December, the Republican presidential front-runner ignited a national firestorm by proposing to suspend all Muslim immigration and tourist travel into the US. “If I said that about Christians, and if I said ‘banned,’ I’m telling you I would have had less difficulty,” Trump said Saturday. “And that’s pretty sad, because we’re Christians. I’m Protestant. I’m Presbyterian.”

Some of Trump’s critics have questioned the sincerity of his faith, noting that the real-estate mogul recently said he doesn’t like to ask God for forgiveness. But Trump unequivocally embraced the evangelical Christian community throughout the start of his Saturday speech in Sioux Center, Iowa. “I’m a true believer. And you’re many true believers — I hope all — is everybody a true believer in this room? I think so. But Christianity is under tremendous siege,” Trump told supporters at Dordt College, a Christian liberal-arts school. The real-estate mogul lamented that Christians do not wield as much political influence in the US as they could. FULL REPORT