Designs and plans have been drawn up for the world’s tallest building. Its location? Basra, in the south of Iraq. Designed by architecture practice AMBS and described as a “beacon for Iraq’s future,” at its highest point the proposed Bride will stand at 1,152 meters. The construction will be made of four conjoined towers, the tallest of which, Tower 1, will stand 964 meters high, with a 188 meter high antenna.

While this will make it the world’s tallest building, its architects say that their priority when designing was altogether different. “That was never the ambition,” Marcos De Andres, director at AMBS Architects, told CNBC in a phone interview. “It was to build the most advanced, sustainable… vertical city,” he added. “It’s the most logical way of doing it… a conjoined system of towers that are connected horizontally. It’s the most stable structure.” FULL REPORT