(Michael Snyder) Something has just happened that has signaled a recession every single time that it has occurred since World War I. Sixteen times since 1919 there have been at least eight month-over-month declines in industrial production during the preceding 12-month period, and in each of those 16 instances, the U.S. economy has plunged into recession.

Now that it has happened again, will the U.S. economy beat the odds and avoid a major economic downturn? I certainly wouldn’t count on it. As I have written about repeatedly, there are a whole host of other numbers that are screaming that a new recession is here, and global financial markets are crumbling. It would take a miracle of epic proportions to pull us out of this tailspin, and yet there are many people out there that are absolutely convinced that it will happen. John Hussman is not one of them. In his most recent weekly comment, he examined this stunning correlation between month-over-month declines in industrial production and recessions. To me, what Hussman has presented is overwhelmingly conclusive: FULL REPORT