(Perry Stone) Several years ago, after I first wrote a book highlighting the concept of receiving daily Communion for physical healing, I received a letter from a woman whose husband had passed away after a battle with cancer. She read the book and forced her husband to receive Communion every day. Within a few weeks he passed away. In her letter to me, she was bitter and upset as she wrote: “It really doesn’t work. If there was anything to it, then my husband would not have died.”

After reading the details of her and her husband’s situation, I certainly felt compassion for her. However, I immediately knew what caused the confusion. First was a lack of personal revelation, and second was her perception of Communion. The message she read in the book was not received as a personal, dynamic revelation for her husband. She forced him to receive Communion based on what she read and not based upon his personal faith.

It was similar to someone who reads a book on how to lose weight in 10 easy steps, and they give up after step two because they haven’t dropped 20 pounds yet. This teaching must move from the printed page and reach into the depths of your spirit to become a quickened revelation that illuminates your spirit and causes great excitement in your soul. CONTINUE