(Ryan Johnson) There is a major problem that seems to grow within every movement of Holy Spirit among different leaders and denominations that must be addressed in our time before we fail to see the reality of unity in the Body of Christ. It’s become so common that many have begun to accept it as a part of ministry although it’s the furthest thing from what is Biblical. How easy of a snare that it is and how quick we are to be trapped within the grips as a simple bait that the enemy continues to use for division among the Church. So, what exactly are we talking about here? I am talking about the distraction that causes us to miss the attraction.

Remember the passage of scripture found in John 8:1-11? In the scriptures we discover the story of a woman that was brought before Jesus because she had been caught in adultery. You know, the woman that was brought before a crowd in her humiliation. The one where the religious leaders of the day demanded that Jesus give a verdict of punishment, according to the Law of Moses. The scripture where Jesus took the time to actually write in the sand. Got it? Good, let’s dive into this some more for clarity to how we must overcome the issue before us today. CONTINUE