(Jennifer Leclaire) As I was preparing to head out to Texas to interview Senator Ted Cruz for an upcoming magazine article, I did more than study his voting record and where he stands on hot-button issues. I prayed about God’s will in what many are calling the most important presidential election in the nation’s history. As I prayed over Cruz, I heard the Lord say “Ezra.” I studied Ezra’s mission, reading the book of the Bible he wrote by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I also studied his actions in book Nehemiah, also penned by the Spirit.

After much prayer, reflection and study, I believe that the Lord wants to raise up Cruz, 45, as an Ezra in this generation. I believe the Lord wills to use this Cuban-immigrant-pastor’s kid-turned-United-States-senator to call the nation to repentance and lead America to re-covenant with God.

Who Was Ezra? In case you don’t read much from this prophet, scribe and priest, he was one of the key leaders to leave Babylon to rebuild Jerusalem, which was sitting in ruins during his ministry. Although America is not in visible ruins and most of our churches are still standing, the discerning eye can see spiritual ruin from sea to shining sea as many predict a financial Armageddon is inevitable. CONTINUE