(Kris Vallotton) Morality has become relative in our time. It’s not that people were inherently more righteous a century ago, it’s just that people acted immorally against society’s social standards. I mean, if you were having sex with your girlfriend, you knew it was wrong, and you certainly didn’t tell your mother. But nowadays it’s common for people to live together and have three children so they can decide if they are compatible.

This hyper-sexual culture affects all of society. It is perpetuated by our music. Forty years ago, many Rock and Roll songs had sexual lyrics, but for the most part, they were hidden in metaphors and analogies. Today the f-word is used in the title and the lyrics. Likewise, music videos are filled with every kind of pornographic act known to man. In fact, the more outrageous the act … the more edgy the song … the more perverted the singer; the more popular they are. CONTINUE