On the morning of Dec. 24, 2015, I dreamed for hours with God speaking the same thing to me over and over. He would say, “If you will show up, I will show off!” In the dream I saw different scriptural scenarios in which this occurred. Jesus showed up at the pool of Bethesda and showed off God’s power to heal. Jesus showed up at the tomb of Lazarus showing off God’s power for resurrection life. In 2 Chronicles 20, God told Jehoshaphat that they would not need to fight in the battle, but that they still had to show up on the battlefield and He would show His power to destroy the enemy that had them surrounded.

I heard a second phrase in these dreams. … “If I did it then, I will do it again!” Every miracle we have ever read about in the Word, every revival or awakening from a past season, every example of a city or nation turning towards Christ becomes a foreshadowing of what God desires to do again! In the dreams I was also reminded of Exodus 9:16 where God says that He raised up Pharaoh to show His power and that His name would be declared in all the earth. The word ‘show’ means to show or present oneself. In Egypt God first presented Himself and declared who He was to all the earth. God used an obstinate, hard-hearted, impossible situation to demonstrate His goodness and His power to His people. God partnered with Moses and Moses partnered with God to see a nation set free so that the whole world would know God’s name! FULL REPORT