(Jack Minor) Recent polls and studies seem to indicate that America may be on track to become like England and the rest of Europe who have long since abandoned their glorious Christian heritage in favor of secularism that is now openly hostile to Christianity. A recent Gallup poll reveals that 20 percent of American adults are now claiming no formal religious identification, a five-point increase since 2008.

The number is significant since it is not uncommon for people who seldom attend church to still identify with the specific denomination they grew up with. I have frequently encountered people on visitation who will tell me “Oh, Im a Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic” or some other denomination. Yet when asked which church they attend they are unable to name it because it has been too long since they have been there. The Gallup poll validates a similar survey by the Pew Research Center who discovered a steep dip in American religiosity. Pew noted that other religions including Wicca, Islam, Hinduism and others are showing signs of growth. FULL REPORT