Scientists are now preparing for “extreme volcanic” activity, which could change the face of the earth, according to the latest findings from the European Science Foundation. For prophet, evangelist and author Perry Stone, the study echoes prophecies laid out in Joel 2.

Stone issued a prophetic alert through Facebook, warning fans and followers of how biblical predictions parallel the scientific discovery. “If you recall when I was teaching on the Blood Moon cycle, Joel 2 indicated it will be accompanied by ‘Signs in the earth beneath; blood fire and vapor of smoke,’ which are volcanic eruptions. A scientific report just released said there are more eruptions and shakings under the earth now than in the past 300 years,” Stone writes.

The study focuses on “extreme geohazards”—including earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and more—which are undergoing a 300-year period of extreme volcanic activity, according to Tech Times. FULL REPORT