(Perry Stone) Perry Stone calls for urgent prayer for South Carolina on his Ministry Facebook Page! He released the following statement today. “Some time back I saw a Tsunami strike the east coast. In this one dream as the wave formed I saw the Twin Towers ghostly rise from the sea and vaporize in the air. I felt it could be a terrorist attack with explosives as I saw a huge bridge collapsed. I saw a green sign that said “Charleston.” (S.C.). Without her knowledge of this dream, Monday, one of my youth dreamed of a major terror attacks that occurred in Charleston, killing a massive number of people, initiated by ISIS agents.

The dream was so parallel that I felt I should post this and ask everyone to pray for and attack to be EXPOSED! We have authority to pray and our prayers can changed circumstances. If you live in or near this area, begin binding the forces of darkness and ask God to expose these sleeper cells. These were bombs and not just guns. Report any suspicious activity to authorities and as they do in Israel, stay away from any backpack, package or object that are left lying around by themselves. It will take God’s protection to prevent these types of attacks. One high level military person told me these Islamic terror agents have poured into the country through the borders under this administration and are in every state. I normally never share a location, but this was not a coincidence but a confirmation. Please repost this immediately to everyone for prayer. SOURCE