An aggressive anti-gun campaign that already has named veterans and recipients of Social Security benefits as targets apparently is being expanded to include foster parents. And it’s already drawn a lawsuit. The Second Amendment Foundation confirmed a lawsuit has been filed against the Oklahoma Department of Human Services for two residents “whose civil rights have been deprived under color of law.” The suit explains that the state agency’s rules prevent citizens from serving as foster parents while “legally possessing functional firearms for personal protection.”

“This mandate for foster parents is not just restrictive, it’s ridiculous,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the the Second Amendment Foundation. “Why should a foster parent be stripped of his or her right to self-defense, or their ability to defend their foster child, simply to appease some bureaucrat’s anti-gun philosophy?” He continued: “We’re in a new era, when people not only must be concerned with violent crime, but also acts of urban terrorism. How would it look for Oklahoma if foster children came to some harm because OKDHS regulations disarmed their foster parents? FULL REPORT