(Ryan Lestrange) Key people are vital to the plan of God upon your life. Over and over as I have received prophetic downloads about this year #2016 The Lord has reminded me of the importance of alignments. Many are standing at the door of new opportunities and kingdom assignments. You will be moving from one level of function to another. As God promotes you it is so important that the people around you recognize you are moving on another level with new demands & opportunities.

If they do not understand that you are now moving on a higher level of assignment they will continually attempt to demand that you function as you did on the last level. The truth is that each level requires a different perspective, stronger mantles, and greater responsibilities. Unfortunately, there are times that the people who plowed the last level with you do not get promoted to the next level because they are stuck! Do not allow them to tug you down-keep rising in Jesus and conquering new territory. I see people that are being promoted to new levels of exploits but they are being shackled by the demands of others and improper understanding. It is like weights upon your ankles as the wind of The Spirit is moving you higher.

Jesus retreated in the midst of major ministry exploits in order to get wisdom and refreshing in the presence of The Father. Mark 1:35- In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there. Jesus retreated from the needs of the people to re-center His compass. This is vital for spiritual success and next level living. We must get our marching orders from The Father and stay totally in sync with His leading upon our lives. This will require saying no to demands of man in order to say yes to the commissioning of heaven. Promotion requires elimination—divine shedding—letting go of the good things to embrace the God things!