The wife of imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini says many Christians are befriending the world, seeking fame and popularity before all else. “A main theme during my time of prayer and fasting seems to be becoming aware of our (my) friendship with the world as followers of Christ,” Naghmeh writes on Facebook. “I am being made more and more aware of how we (including me) are allowing its subtle ways get to us and it is putting the body of Christ to sleep.”

Naghmeh is in the midst of a three-week fast to refocus her relationship on God. She’s traveled around the world in recent years, campaigning for the release of her husband, Saeed, who is imprisoned in Iran. She recently stopped her public support for freeing Saeed, citing his spousal abuse. However, she says she’s remained focused on God. Now she’s opening up about what she’s seen during her time around the world.

“My travels over the last 3 years have opened my eyes to the condition that the body of Christ is in. Pursuing fame, wealth and ‘followers/numbers’ has become normal in the Christian world. We are becoming like the world and we are totally Ok with that. Yet the scripture has serious warnings even calling us ENEMIES OF GOD.” FULL REPORT