By now, everyone has probably heard about El Niño, and the effects of this weather pattern across the Western Hemisphere. Some are predicting this El Nino to be the biggest ever, naming it the “Godzilla El Niño.” But step aside Godzilla: another monster weather anomaly has been wreaking havoc with the west coast. Beware of “The Blob.”

First identified (and nicknamed) in 2014 by Nick Bond, a climatologist at the University of Washington, The Blob is a huge mass of warmed ocean waters (about five degrees Fahrenheit above normal) lurking in the Pacific Ocean just off the west coast of North America, now stretching its reach from Mexico up to Alaska. The 60-foot deep blob of water is causing havoc with weather, wildlife, and continues to require health advisories for visitors and locals alike.

For travelers, this unexplained blob of water can effect what you see (for whale watching and other nature viewing), your fishing (people fishing have caught odd species in odd spots), and what you can eat (a resulting toxic algae bloom has prompted warnings in certain areas against eating shellfish and other species.) FULL REPORT