(WND) A team of anti-religion activists dedicated to removing those Gideon-placed Bibles from motel rooms says university facilities can’t have them because they’re linked to the government. And they say private motels can’t have the Bibles, either, because they could “endanger your health and life” and they are as dangerous, like cigarette smoke.

The far-reaching claims are being made in a campaign targeting motel rooms by officials with the Freedom from Religious Foundation, and they are being met with answers from the American Center for Law and Justice, which has written to motels explaining, yes, they can allow Bibles in their rooms under the Constitution’s freedom of speech, and no, the Bibles really aren’t like cigarette smoke.

The letter that just went out on Thursday from the ACLJ to various hotel and motel interests pointed out, first, that there’s no legal reason for the FFRF to make the request. “In the absence of any legal authority supporting its demand, FFRF instead resorts to an unreasonable and legally baseless ‘heckler’s veto,’ hoping to strong-arm privately held entities to do its bidding,” the letter said. “FFRF thus invades the realm of private businesses making business decisions. It is the hotel’s prerogative – and only the hotel’s prerogative – to decide whether to honor time-tested traditions.” FULL REPORT