A silent war is escalating in the U.S., a war of hackers and cyber attackers. Enemies of the U.S. aren’t preparing to invade militarily; they have all the intelligence they need to tear down the U.S. from within, using technology to take down America’s power grid. A massive AP investigation concluded that the entire U.S. power grid could be sabotaged by foreign hackers, leaving Americans with no light for an unspecified amount of time. With computer networks out and refrigeration shut down, most Americans wouldn’t be able to work or eat, leaving the masses starving and fighting among themselves.

Security researcher Brian Wallace accidentally discovered this horrifying reality when he was tracking down hackers who had stolen a California university’s housing files. He quickly learned that cyber hackers had found a way into the very networks that run the U.S. power grid, and that they had gained enough information to shut down electricity that millions of homes count on. FULL REPORT