Paramedics believed 25-year-old Justin Smith was dead when they arrived on scene. The Pennsylvania man had no pulse, no blood pressure, and had turned blue. Smith had gone out for drinks with friends the night before, only to be found the next day on the side of the road, mostly covered in snow.

“Seeing him in that condition, there was no hope,” Justin’s father, Don, said, according to the Standard Speaker. Don was the one who had found his son on the side of Treskow Road. “I thought, ‘He’s, you know, dead.’” Emergency personnel arrived on the scene, but they too could detect no vital signs in the man who had been in sub-zero temperatures for approximately 12 hours at the time. All hope seemed lost, but Dr. Gerald Coleman, an emergency department physician at Lehigh Valley Hospital, didn’t believe Justin was dead quite yet. FULL REPORT