(CBS News) By this time next year, President Obama’s successor will have been elected, but before he goes, he still has things he intends to finish in the remaining 12 months of his presidency. “We think the lame duck moniker is dead,” a senior administration official told CBS News. Another official told CBS that the president has instructed his senior staff to “squeeze every last drop of progress out of the final year.”

The president will fight to preserve gains in areas including “access to affordable health care, expanding the green economy, implementing the Iran deal” and continuing the normalization of relations with Cuba,” the official said. Here’s where he may make some progress:

With some of Congress’ most liberal and conservative members working together reform the nation’s sentencing laws, criminal justice reform stands a decent chance at becoming law. In October, a bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation that would make some nonviolent drug offenders eligible for reduced sentences and give judges more discretion in sentencing. A similar, but less ambitious bill is making its way through the House. FULL REPORT