As we enter the new year, I tend to get a lot of questions about what volcanoes might be the ones to watch in the coming year. Answering is a difficult task, because volcanic unrest can spring up quickly. Trying to prognosticate about which volcanoes might erupt is about as predictable as who will make this year’s baseball playoffs. Sure, you can make some fairly sure bets, but you never know when the next dark horse will emerge.

So I thought I’d try to give you some of my thoughts on volcanic activity in 2016. By no means are these predictions. As of now, there is no reliable, tested way to predict volcanic eruptions precisely anywhere beyond a few hours to maybe days in advance (and don’t believe otherwise). However, there are some places to watch and things to ponder as the months roll by. Without further ado (and in no particular order), a volcanic preview for 2016: FULL REPORT