(Anne Graham Lotz) Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm (Job 40:6). The sun is out today! The reflection off of the several inches of ice and snow is almost blinding. We were just on the edge of the epic storm, Jonas, which continues to impact the East Coast even as I write. The bull’s-eye of this storm seemed to be our nation’s capital. After an inch of snow created havoc when it fell on Thursday in the city, the mayor declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the blizzard and white-out conditions that were anticipated over the weekend.

Already being described as one of the top 10 largest storms in Washington’s history, Jonas was not over. With a storm surge of five feet, winds up to 50 mph, visibility at 0.25 miles, a snow accumulation predicted to be 16 to 36 inches, and the city brought to a complete standstill, this storm has been nicknamed Snowzilla. But the official name is “Jonas,” which means “gift from God.” We are more familiar with the English, biblical version of the same name, which is “Jonah.” That leads me to wonder: Could this storm be more than an environmental storm? Could God be sending us a message? CONTINUE