Economic experts and long-time investors continue to sound the alarm that the global economy is not all it is made out to be and in fact has been teetering on the edge for some time. While no one has a crystal ball, experts see signs of danger, especially if certain conditions occur.

One of them is Daniel Ameduri, who – in a recent report to subscribers of the Weekly Wealth Digest, offered via the Future Money Trends website and republished by The Daily Sheeple – noted that the global economy has yet to really recover from the “Great Recession” of 2008. “For the past 7 years, the world has been living through a really ugly experiment, hyper-Keynesian economics,” Ameduri begins.

“Included are stimuli, low interest rates, quantitative easing, and plenty of fraud to go around, from government statistics to the lack of honest accounting.” He notes that for a number of years as well the world’s investors had a lot of confidence in China’s growth, and for good reason: Beijing was delivering an average of 8 percent growth per year for a decade, but now, that growth is slowing, much to the chagrin of investors. FULL REPORT