A guy in Detroit – the No. 1 city in America for bedbug infestation – got so bugged early Sunday by the lingering problem in his apartment that he sprayed himself with alcohol to kill the pests. But, later, when he lit a cigarette he nearly killed himself along with the bedbugs. He’s recuperating from severe burns. Not everyone plagued with bedbugs is as fortunate as this victim. It turns out the bedbug infestations spreading through major cities in America are actually killing people.

  • Last month, an 89-year-old Minnesota woman’s only child was charged with killing her by suffocating her in a garbage bag after beating her with a sculpture and choking her didn’t work – all because their home was infested with bedbugs. Michael Theodore Gallagher, 62, is facing a single count of a single count of second-degree unpremeditated murder. The bedbugs have not been charged.
  •  Last April on Long Island a man set his rental car ablaze while trying to kill bedbugs inside the vehicle. Scott Kemery suffered first- and second-degree burns in the incident outside an Eastport, New York, supermarket. He, too, poured alcohol over the insects, then sat in the car and lit a cigarette, setting off the blaze. FULL REPORT