A video uploaded to attorney Jay Sekulow’s Facebook page on Tuesday provides audio from a phone conversation that he had this week with Saeed Abedini, the Christian preacher and American citizen who was held captive in Iran for three and a half years due to his faith. Sekulow and his organization, the American Center for Law & Justice, have worked tirelessly since 2012 toward Abedini’s release, recounting the horrific beatings and terrifying plight that the Christian leader faced inside some of Iran’s harshest prisons.

The brief clip shows Sekulow calling the pastor after he was released on Jan. 16 as part of a prisoner swap between the U.S. and Iran. “I’m glad to hear your voice,” Sekulow said after Abedini answered. “I’ve not heard your voice.” The pastor agreed, saying that he has been “waiting for that for so long,” later thanking Sekulow for his support. The American Center for Law & Justice has also helped Abedini’s wife, Naghmeh, throughout her very public battle to fight for her husband’s release. FULL REPORT